Airline Pilot Employability

Airline pilot employability is a fascinating subject, but one on which very little specific research has been done. With competition for desirable pilot jobs being so intense it’s really important that perspective applicants have a good insight into all the factors that affect pilot employability. Understanding the topic allows you to tailor your application and preparation to maximise your potential.

In a series of articles, Aspire Aviation will explore the subject. We’ll look at a different element of the story each week. Our consultants have extensive experience in the real world of airline recruitment, as well as having a strong academic background in the subject.

Over the coming weeks we’ll publish articles examining pilot selection methods, pilot selection training, pilot employability factors, financial factors, ATO choice and ultimately looking at a suggested model to explain pilot employability for newly qualified pilots.

Each article will include excerpts from a thesis entitled “Pilot Training – Developing a model to explain Pilot Employability,” which was written as part of an MSc with City University in London in 2017. The research provides previously unseen insights into the industry and the world of pilot selection. We hope you enjoy the articles.