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We’ve put together some useful links that might be of help to those who are considering embarking on Professional Flight Training, or those that may be searching for an Airline Pilot or Cabin Crew job, along with some other useful aviation resources.

The links below are provided for information only. The inclusion or absence of a link does not imply a recommendation or endorsement by Aspire Aviation.  If you have a suggestion for a useful link that should be included here, send an email to and we’ll update the list.  Likewise, please do let us know if you find a link is not working correctly.

Airline Career Pages

Many Airlines now have dedicated Careers Pages where details of current opportunities are posted.  Other useful background information about the airline may be found here too.


Before choosing a flight school you should contact a large number of ATOs.  Consider more than just the cost of a course at a particular ATO – ask them about placement rates, links to airlines and statistics for student performance in ATPL exams and CPL and IR flight tests.  Not all ATOs provide all elements of Professional Pilot Training, for example you will find below some ATOs that provide just ground school, while others provide just the MCC element. Here’s a helpful list of ATOs.

Aviation Recruitment Agencies

Aviation Recruitment agencies recruit for contract positions for some airlines.  Generally these contract positions will require prior experience, usually on type.

Pilot Career News

Keep up to date with the latest career news.


GAPAN administers scholarships from time to time for PPL or FI ratings. Keep an eye on their page.

Aviation Medicals

If you wish to fly commercially in Europe you will need an EASA Class 1 medical.  The medical should be obtained prior to investing time and funds on professional flight training.  People have spent signifiant sums on flight training only to discover that they do not meet the rigorous requirements of the Class 1 medical.

You should organise to have your initial Class 1 medical in the state in which you plan to have your license issued.

We’ve included below links to several national authorities’ medical pages and several Aeromedical Centres (AMC).  We would strongly advise you to seek any medical advice directly from a qualified Aeromedical Examiner (AME).

Pilot Representative Bodies

Aviation Interview Preparation

Other Useful Aviation Resources