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Your Pilot CV or Resume is your first chance to make an impression with an airline, make it count!

Recent research on airline pilot employability indicated that CV analysis forms an important part of the pilot selection process.  A survey of pilots that had been involved in pilot selection revealed that 83%  of their organisations analysed CVs as part of their recruitment process.  Along with pilot interview coaching, Airline Heads of Training and ATO Heads of Training rated CV coaching as being very beneficial to pilot employability.


Airline pilot selection skills training

Effect of selection training on pilot employability


Many CVs appear to have been quickly put together on Microsoft Word and lack the design and formatting necessary.  We can design a striking Pilot CV that will stand out from the crowd.  We will work with you to ensure that the text of the CV is relevant and concise, as well as putting your CV into a format that will get you noticed.


Pilot CV

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