Mock Interview

Mock Interview Preparation

Mock Interview Preparation

There is no substitute for experience – build your confidence by participating in our mock interview session. You will be interviewed by two aviation professionals and receive detailed personal feedback.

Many mock interviews consist of a one to one interview, most likely with a person that you have met, or at least spoken with, before.  We will have two interviewers and will ensure that at least one will be unfamiliar to you, thus making the experience all the more authentic.

Your interview will be tailored to the role you have applied for, with questions chosen to match topics that are likely to arise during your real interview.

After the interview, you will receive detailed feedback on your performance with suggestions on how to improve your content and delivery as necessary.

This session lasts between 90 minutes and 2 hours and it is highly recommended that you complete our one to one session at least a week before attending.

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